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Trigem Infotech being a major contributor to the security industry has diversified into many vertical to help build a better environment. Major contribution is as follows.

  • 01.Fingerprint Biometrics System
  • 02. Standalone Access control System

  • 03. CCTV Camera’s

  • 04. DVR and NVR,

  • 05. IP Based Camera’s

  • 06.GPS Vehicle

Trigem Infotech sprouted in all the major sectors to grow into a most trusted brand providing security based solutions. Ranging from retail sector to all major sectors, Realvison’s has established a nest to take control of the Indian security market and also by growing into different topographies to make its presence. Realvision’s growth shows signs of great passion to help people in promoting hazardous and dreadful free environment through its security solutions

Trigem Infotech

Trigem Infotech the most trustable, reliable & stable Brand in its field & is famous for its excellent after sales service.Also when it comes to accuracy and reliability within Asia it is unequalled in the world today at large.

We are engaged in the following activities:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Anti-theft
  • Fire alarm
  • Intercom systems
  • Access control and opening hours


Trigem Infotech, in its many years of work, pays special attention to professionalism of business, quality and reliability of equipment with the purpose of greater satisfaction of clients in designing, installing and servicing the system of technical protection of persons and property.

The team of professional and competent engineers - designers and technicians - servicers guarantees professionally done work and customer satisfaction. Any constructive customer feedback is welcomed, improving the level of service and job execution.

We Provide Leading Security Systems

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